"It's time!" That is what people close to me have said over the past few years. It's time to offer my experience as a community, professional and political leader to the people of Twin Falls as an Idaho State Representative for District 24 (see district map). Lance Clow's family Friends and family of my youth would tell you this was not my destiny. Our parents never let the vision that their two boys would go to college fade. My brother was the first in our family to graduate from college. School was never easy for me, but I did respect the importance of hard work and study. I take pride in the fact that I worked my way through college (in four years) with scholarships, work study, student loans and part-time jobs. I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from California Lutheran University in 1969, while achieving several academic honors. My brother and I often talk about our youth and are glad that we did not have a government to tell us we were poor. By today's standards we would have found that we lived beneath the poverty level for much of our childhood. Yet both of our parents worked hard to keep food on our table and a roof over our heads. Tough times included periods of unemployment, family health problems, caring for aging family and a forced sale of our home because of eminent domain. Despite these periods of challenge for our parents, other than unemployment checks, our parents were self-sufficient and taught their sons that hard work (on and off the job) is always a way to achieve your goals. Lance & DeeDee Clow with Governer Otter - 2010 Now that I have advanced my leadership from the Twin Falls City Council to the Idaho House of Representatives, I find that hard work and study are needed to assure that my district is properly represented. These are values and habits necessary to assure that I do not fail to be prepared for the new challenges of the legislature. With your continued support, I hope to continue as your Representative. I will need your vote in the May 20, 2014 Primary and November 11, 2014 General Election. Remember that to vote in the primary you must be a District 24 registered voter and have identified a party affiliation with the Republican Party. If you did this in 2012, you are fine, but you might want to confirm your party affiliation. To register you may contact the Twin Falls County Clerks Office. To help keep my focus, on what I believe is my role as a Representative to District 24, I have established the following Areas of Emphasis. You can also review some of the Issues that we may face.

Areas of Emphasis


Providing lifetime educational opportunities for future generations is a proven public expectation and a state mandate.


Jobs and financial security depend on a strong economy through private investment with a fair and balanced tax policy.


Citizens have an expectation that their representatives will consider the intended as well as the unintended consequences of legislation.


Government should enable positive behavior of individuals and industry, while promoting personal and corporate responsibility.


A lifetime of experience as a civic, professional and public leader will provide the citizens of District 24A a responsive, attentive and conservative representative.

A Proven Public and Private Focused Leader

Public Service Experience

  • Idaho House of Representatives
    • 2012 - Present
    • Education, Business & Local Government Committees
  • City of Twin Falls
    • City Councilman (18 years)
    • Mayor (6 years)
  • Gubernatorial Appointments
    • Idaho Public Transportation Advisory Board
    • ESPA Comprehensive Aquifer, Planning Committee
    • 5th District Magistrate Commission
  • Idaho Association of Cities
    • Past President & Board Member
    • Legislative Chairman

Community Service

  • Twin Falls Kiwanis, President
  • Twin Falls Junior Miss, Chairman
  • Citizens for a Better Community, Chairman
  • Twin Falls Senior Citizen Federation
  • MagicFest, Chairman
  • Twin Falls Housing Authority, Chairman
  • Magic Valley Regional Medical Center Hospital Foundation, President
  • CSI Golden Eagle Boosters, President

Professional Experience

  • Bank Lending, Marketing and Consumer Compliance Officer (20 years)
  • Personal Financial Advisor (19 years)