One of my favorite movies was Stand by Me. This was a 1986 movie about an adventure of four boys who heard about a body and wanted to be the ones to discover and report it to the authorities. It reminds me of many adventures with my neighborhood buddies. We never found a body to report, but Ray, Walt, Randy and I had some great childhood memories.

DeeDee and I have also had many adventures. One of our first was a bear encounter on our honeymoon. We have seen the Queen of England, President Ronald Reagan, President George H. W. Bush and Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney. We have had private tours of the White House, including a tour of the White House Christmas decorations. One advantage we have had, our son-in-law is a Special Agent in the Secret Service. He gets to “Stand by” many political dignitaries, including presidents and foreign leaders.

While DeeDee and I have had our good fortune, we have never had the opportunity to “Stand by” a President. During Thanksgiving week that all changed. We were provided tickets to hear President Barack Obama speak in San Francisco to a group on his plan for Immigration Reform. I must first state that regardless of political beliefs, I do respect the office. While we were waiting in line a White House staff member approached us and asked if we would like to “Stand by” – actually “behind” – the President on stage. We decided it was best to just respect the office and stand in our pre-selected position to shake his hand. As we observed, we would likely have been directly behind the President and near the heckler that got so much press.

DeeDee and I did have a great experience and made several interesting observations; however, we felt it was in everyone’s best interest to just listen and learn. We will “Stand by our Values” and let others stand where they wish. I have been blessed in so many ways, and standing by DeeDee is one of them.

DeeDee and I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Originally published in the Southern Idaho Republican Women newsletter, December 2013.