Welcome to my website! We created this website to help the citizens of Idaho get to know me and share some insights into my personality, my belief system and how you can rely on my leadership as a Representative in the Idaho Legislature. At LanceClow.net, I will try to keep you informed of what I have been up to, some of the articles I have written for various publications and the core beliefs that will guide me through the legislative process. I consider myself open to public input and studious in my deliberations on legislation that flows through each session. I have been involved in public service as a volunteer, city councilman and now as a legislator for most of my life. I understand we all come to the table with differing experiences and belief systems. That knowledge has helped me become an active listener; one who listens, asks for clarifying responses and respects the differences of people and opinions. I hope you find me to be the responsive, attentive and conservative leader I hope to be.

Latest Update

Refugee Program needs Compassion and Evaluation

The following was published in the Times-News on Sept. 13, 2015 I have been pondering for the best response to the concerns of many citizens pending the approaching arrival of refugees from the Syrian War. We all recognize that terrorism is alive and well throughout the world and is a threat to our peace and …

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